Rêv Global is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to providing high quality products for the marine, workwear and paper stationery needs.

Our collection of notebooks is a testament to versatility, offering a range of options that cater to diverse preferences, purposes, and creative endeavors. Discover the perfect notebook for capturing your thoughts, organizing your ideas, and unleashing your creativity.

  • Classic Hardcover Notebook:
    Timeless and sophisticated, the classic hardcover notebook is perfect for formal note-taking, journaling, and professional use. Its durability ensures your thoughts are safeguarded.
  • Softcover Notebook:
    Light and flexible, the softcover notebook is a companion for on-the-go notes, sketches, and creative expressions. It easily fits into bags or pockets, ready for whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Wiro-bound Notebook:
    The spiral binding allows for seamless page-turning and easy lay-flat writing. Ideal for meetings, lectures, and projectsthat require frequent reference.
  • Traveler's Notebook:
    Designed for wanderers and adventurers, the traveler's notebook accommodates multiple inserts, allowing you to personalize your portable journaling experience.
  • Project Planner Notebook:
    Specifically structured for organizing projects, this notebook includes sections for goals, timelines, tasks, and progress tracking.
  • Specialty Notebooks:
    From recipe notebooks to fitness journals, specialty notebooks cater to specific interests and activities, providing tailored solutions for focused endeavors.
  • Desk Accessories:
    Complete your workspace with our selection of desk accessories, including pen holders, paper weights, and more. These items combine utility and aesthetics.
  • Note Pads:
    Keep your ideas within reach with our thoughtfully crafted notepads. Whether for meetings, brainstorming, or jotting down inspirations, these pads combine functionality with a touch of elegance.