Rêv Global is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to providing high quality products for the marine, workwear and paper stationery needs.

About Rêv Global Partners

Rêv Global is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to providing highquality products for the marine, workwear and paper stationery needs. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver exceptional solutions that meetthe diverse demands of our clients worldwide.

Rêv Global operates across diverse verticals with a strong focus on innovation. We export a wide range of products to international markets, always striving to integrate cutting-edge technology and creative solutions into our business. Our impressive combined turnover of USD 2.5 millions stands as a testament to the unwavering trust bestowed upon us by our valued clients.

With a client roster that spans diverse sectors, including industry leaders like Burger King and McDonald’s in the fast food sector, to Asian Paints, Deltin, Quippo Oil and Gas in the manfucaturing sector, our company is renowned for its versatility and widespread appeal. Our approach is underpinned by meticulous market research alongwith integration of cutting edge technologies, cultivating a robust global network of partners and clients.


At Rêv Global, our mission is to partner with like minded businesses across the globe that share our belief in the power of collaboration to drive change and create a better future.


Our vision is to become the foremost workwear manufacturer, setting industry standards through our unwavering focus on process driven excelence.

We are dedicated to continuously refining and optimizing our production, quality control and customer service processes to deliver work wear of the highest quality and safety.

By fostering culture of innovation and efficieny, we aim to be the preferred partner for business seeking reliable and cuttingedge workwear, stationery and marine solutions.

Our commitment to process driven success empowers our people, enhance customer satisfaction and ensure sustainable growth in these ever-evolving industries.

Core Values
  • Becoming a Benchmark
    to set a standard of excellence in everything we do.
  • Integrity of people and business practices
    commitment to honesty, transparency and responsible conduct in all our dealings.
  • Quality Service
    to provide prompt, reliable, and efficient service to meet customer needs
  • Enhancing Safety Awareness
    To promote safety as a priority, both within the organization and among our customers.
  • Customer Delights
    to exceed customer expectations and leave a positive, lasting impression on our clients.
  • Committed to Quality Goods
    to focus on safety, reliability, and strength in the design and construction of our products.